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Our cutting-edge technology equipment


Our expertise is well known, among other things, for our wire-cutting service (wire EDM), also called wire electro-erosion, which enables us to manufacture precise shapes containing parts up to 16″ high.

Our wire-cutter department consists of three machines able to satisfy our customers’ exact needs.

Coupe au fil

Wire machines

Brand: Sodick
Model no.: AQ 537L
Measurement in inches: X = 22.44" Y = 14.566" Z = 13¾"
Measurement in mm: X = 570mm Y = 370mm Z = 350mm
Maximum load: 1,000 kg – 2,204 lbs
Brand: Sodick
Model no.: AQ 400L
Measurement in inches: X = 15.750" Y = 11.811" Z = 9.842"
Measurement in mm: X = 400mm Y = 300mm Z = 250mm
Maximum load: 550 kg – 1,100 lbs
Brand: Fanuc
Model no.: Alpha 1-C
Measurement in inches: X = 20.5" Y = 14.589" Z = 16"
Measurement in mm: X = 520mm Y = 370mm Z = 406mm
Maximum load: 680 kg – 1,500 lbs


Our CNC department, which is run by an experienced labour force and currently contains five machines, is continually expanding to respond to, and satisfy, specific customer needs.

Machines CNC

CNC specifications

Brand: Matsuura (two identical machines)
Model no.: VX-1000
Measurement in inches: X = 40.15" Y = 24.01" Z = 24.01"
Measurement in mm: X = 1,020mm Y = 610mm Z = 610mm
Maximum load: 500 kg – 1,100 lbs

Brand: Matsuura
Model no.: VX-1500
Measurement in inches: X = 60" Y = 27.55" Z = 24.01"
Measurement in mm: X = 1,524mm Y = 700mm Z = 610mm
Maximum load: 2,000 kg – 4,400 lbs

Brand: Maxmill
Model no.: VMC-1166
Measurement in inches: X = 43.300" Y = 24.400" Z = 27.625"
Measurement in mm: X = 1,100mm Y = 620mm Z = 700mm
Maximum load: 600 kg – 1,320 lbs

Brand: Rambo
Model no.: RM-1260
Measurement in inches: X = 47.30" Y = 23.700" Z = 23.700"
Measurement in mm: X = 1,200mm Y = 600mm Z = 600mm
Maximum load: 1,200 kg – 2,640 lbs

Die design

René Von Arx, our vice-president, is not only actively involved in the design, manufacture and development of dies but also provides all the necessary support for the regular making of customers’ products.


We guarantee that each die that is designed and manufactured by our specialised labour force leaves the factory fully functional and in perfect condition to provide peace of mind to our customers and enable successful production development and quality.

Matrice 3D


We have four different sizes and types of presses up to 200 tons that assess and test the tools we develop and enable our customers to make their own products here on site as sub-contractors.

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